Abstract Submission

Thank you for your interest, the abstract portal is closed now.

At least 50 abstract submissions are selected for an oral presentation in one of the sessions, further submissions will be presented as posters.

All abstracts submitted between 6.8.2018 – 2.9.2018 will only be published in the book of abstracts.

Abstract Topics

  • Cell cycle control
    Gislene Pereira, Ulrike Gruneberg,Jonathan Pines
  • Mechanisms of cell fate regulation
    Angela M. Nieto, Thomas Brabletz, Henner Farin
  • Organelle dynamics
    Agnieszka Chacinska, Francis Barr, Anne Spang
  • Novel approaches to imaging in cell biology – (Royal Microscopical Society)
    Maddy Parsons, Helge Ewers, Michelle Peckham
  • Nuclear dynamics/communication
    Dorothee Dormann, Denis Lafontaine, Birthe Fahrenkrog
  • Mechanotransduction
    Jan Lammerding, Sara Wickström, Benoît Ladoux
  • Self-organisation
    Karen Alim, Winfried Römer, Karsten Kruse, Min Wu, Jacob Halatek, Jona Kayser,
    Nir Gov, Richard Wheeler, Roland Wedlich-Söldner
  •  Visualising cell organisation
    Olivier Pertz, Takanari Inoue, Milos Galic
  • Protein dynamics and cellular function
    Tina Romeis, Marco Trujillo, Katharina Bürstenbinder
  • Cyto-architecture/cytoskeleton dynamics
    Anne Cécile Reymann, Carsten Janke, Klemens Rottner
  •  Principles of size control
    Chris Bakal, Jody Rosenblatt, Rafael Carazo Salas
  • Nucleus in 4D
    William Earnshaw, Gary Karpen, Heinrich Leonhardt, M. Christina Cardoso
  • Integrating cells into tissues
    Damian Brunner, Stefan Luschnig, Caren Norden
  • Translating cell biology into medical applications
    Laura De Rosa, Sabine Eming, Leena Bruckner Tuderman

Session organisers/chairs are in italics

Guidelines for abstract submission

  • Abstracts for the poster exhibition can be on any area of cell and developmental biology
  • Maximum number of words: 400 words including spaces
  • No pictures, photos or images are permitted
  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully. All abstracts will be published as submitted
  • The abstract booklet will be provided online and in a tablet-compatible format