Stay up-to-date and connect with other attendees:

There is a DGZ Attendee App available. Please download the Event App by EventsAIR from your Google Play Store or iOS App Store. After installing the app simply enter the Event App code “dgz2018”.

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance may be provided after the meeting by email.


Germany belongs to a temperate zone, which requires a wardrobe as flexible as possible. In summer, the temperature rises above 27°C/80F, but deviations are quite common.


The Euro (€) is the official currency in Germany. You can change money at banks, post offices and currency exchanges in airports or train stations. Classic credit cards are American Express, MasterCard and Visa; Diners Club is rarely used, but accepted by major hotels, petrol stations or large shops. Otherwise cash will be accepted.


The voltage in Germany is 220V. The electrical sockets may be different and you might need to take an adaptor plug with you to use your electronic devices. Adapters are widely available in electronics stores.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Taxi +49 341 33 38 333
Police 110
Fire service/ambulance  112

Internet Access

Please use the settings below to connect to the WLAN. After a successful connection, please open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) on each laptop/mobile phone to access the portal page. There you can choose the appropriate event, enter the corresponding password and accept the terms of use in order to activate the device. The connection must only be made once a day per device.

Wireless Network Name: eduinfo
Event name: DGZ Meeting
Access password: 537db-2018


The official congress language is English.

Letter of Invitation

If you require an official invitation letter in order to attend the congress, please contact the DGZ 2018 team and specify the necessary details. This service is intended to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or a permission in order to attend the congress. The letter of invitation does not indicate any obligation, financial or other, of the organise r. All expenses incurred in relation to the congress are your sole responsibility.

Photography, Audio, Video & Mobile Phone Policy

Audio, photo and video recording by any device (e.g. cameras, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, watches) is prohibited during all oral and poster sessions, unless prior permission is obtained from the congress organiser. Do not forget to switch on your mobile phones after the sessions.

Sales Tax

Value added tax (VAT) is a type of sales tax. In Germany the normal VAT rate of 19% is added to the net price. On certain products and services, such as books, staple foods (except soft drinks and spirits), newspapers, flowers and public transport tickets the reduced VAT rate of 7% is applied.


Smoking in the university is prohibited.

Time Zone

Leipzig is located in the Central European Time Zone MEZ.

Tourist Information Leipzig

Augustusplatz 9
04109 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 71 04 260
English website

Visa Requirements

It is your sole responsibility to take care of meeting visa requirements. If you require an entry visa, you should plan ahead and give the application procedure plenty of time. Please contact the nearest embassy or consulate to find out about guidelines and processing times for visa applications.
Please note that the organisers will not contact embassies or consulates on behalf of visa applicants.