Travel by Air

Airport Leipzig/Halle

The Leipzig/Halle Airport provides direct connections to cities in Germany and the rest of Europe, including Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne/Bonn, Munich, Stuttgart, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Zurich and Vienna. Further European and worldwide destinations can be reached via hubs such as Frankfurt/Main and Munich.

The Leipzig/Halle Airport is situated directly at the Schkeuditzer Kreuz juncture of motorways A9 and A14, 18 km from Leipzig. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to get from Leipzig Airport to Leipzig’s centre by car and approximately 20 minutes by public transportation. The Congress venue is located in the city centre and it takes approximately 30 minutes by public transportation. Using public transportation, take the S5 from the Airport towards Altenburg until you reach the “Leipzig Markt” stop. From the stop you can get to the University via the “Grimmaische Straße”. It takes approximately 10 minutes by foot.

Transfer Time
Car/Taxi: 24 min, € 37.50
Public transport: 20 min

Travel by Train

Leipzig Central Train Station

The Leipzig Central Train Station is the main railway terminus in Leipzig and the hub of Leipzig’s transport network. Leipzig’s Central Train Station is connected to long-distance network of the German railways by several intercity express and intercity lines. The University is only four minutes by car and 10 minutes by foot from the main train station. It takes approximately 8 minutes to get to the congress venue by public transportation. Using public transportation, take the S4 towards Wurzen until you reach the “Leipzig Markt” stop. From the stop you can get to the University via the “Grimmaische Straße”.

Transfer Time
Car/Taxi: 4 min, € 7.50
Public transport: 8 min.

Public Transport Tickets

To reach the University using Leipzig’s public transport facilities, you will require a single journey ticket for the fare zone 110 for € 2.60 (Exception: Please note that when travelling from the Halle/Leipzig Airport you will require a ticket for the fare zone 163, 162 and 110 costing € 4.50). Tickets are available at the service center of the Leipzig public transport company, at the vending machine at the bus stops and in trams or from the bus driver (please have change ready for bus drivers). If you have to use public transport more often during your stay, the Leipzig Card 3 day ticket for € 24.40 is worthwhile.

For more prices, a public transportation map and further information please visit the following website:

The best Way to get there.

Pay as little as € 49.50 (one-way) with the event ticket.

As an extra for you as a visitor, we can inform you that Deutsche Bahn has prepared and holds a special offer for your journey to the International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology in Leipzig.

This offer from Deutsche Bahn shows the following conditions for the “event ticket” for the nationwide journey to Leipzig:

Event ticket for a single journey, for use only on one specific connection
(subject to availability):
Second class 49.50
First class 79.50
Event ticket for single journey, for use on all connections
(always available):
Second class 69.50
First class 99.50

You can take advantage of this offer of Deutsche Bahn via the booking hotline/booking options/website offered by Deutsche Bahn, to which we may refer as follows: Event Ticket

All further technical and organisational questions should be directed to the provider, Deutsche Bahn AG, under the following telephone numbers: +49 (0)1806 – 99 66 44.

Please note that the conclusion of the contract of carriage and handling of the travel service shall be carried out solely and exclusively by Deutsche Bahn AG.

Click here for the full range of information about DB’s event ticket.

Travel by Car

With its proximity to the highways A9, A14 and A38 (Leipzig-Göttingen), Leipzig is a central point on the national highway network. Leipzig’s city districts can be reached directly from highway exits. Coming from Berlin and Magdeburg on A14, take the exit for Leipzig-Mitte, from Dresden on A14, the exit for Leipzig-Ost, and from Munich or Erfurt on A38, the exit for Leipzig-Südwest.

Please note that when driving into Leipzig, only vehicles with a green emissions sticker are permitted to operate.

Parking Information

Parking in Leipzig in the inner city is restricted. Be prepared to pay a fee for parking around the centre. Car parks are available at Hauptbahnhof, Augustusplatz, Burgplatz and several other locations. The car park Augustusplatz is located near the University of Leipzig. Leipzig also has several Park and Ride car parks with convenient tram connections to the city centre.