About the DGZ

The German Society of Cell Biology has about 900 members and focuses on the promotion of science in the field of cell-biology.
The society communicates information on activities in the field of cell biology and related areas from foreign and international societies of cell biology to its members.
Conversely, it transmits such information originated in the German sphere to the interested foreign or international institutions.
Furthermore, the society contributes, in restricted scope, to the financing of certain scientific activities, domestic or abroad. It acts as central source of information on demand and supply of career openings and scholarships for cell biologists.
The German Society for Cell Biology grants several awards for outstanding achievements in the field of cell biology.

Executive Committee
President of the DGZ e. V.
Prof. Dr. Carien Niessen (Cologne)

Vice President
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gruss (Bonn)

Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Dr. Thomas Magin (Leipzig)

Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Cardoso (Darmstadt)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dresselhaus (Regensburg)
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Fässler (Martinsried)
Prof. Dr. Volker Gerke (Münster)
Prof. Dr. Ralph Gräf (Potsdam)
Prof. Dr. Harald Herrmann (Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hoffmann (Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Leonhardt (Martinsried)
Dr. rer. nat. Zeynep Ökten (Munich)
Prof. Dr. Britta Qualmann (Jena)
Dr. Simone Reber (Berlin)